Lund: A New Chapter

As most readers know, I moved from the US to Lund, Sweden for two years to begin a graduate degree in Fall 2019. While I have had numerous amazing experiences in my first month here, the fact that Lund is now a new home more than another exotic travel destination means that I will not expound as much on my experiences to the same extent as for my vacations. However, as Lund provides a convenient base for exploration of Sweden, Denmark (only 30 minutes away) and all of Europe, I will definitely not cease to travel. Thus, throughout these few years I will add many pictures here, though likely in more frequent but smaller posts than my earlier habits.

But an introduction to Lund is still warranted. Lund today is a classic college town and a center of high-tech industry in Sweden, with a population of approximately 100,000. But it occupied a much more prominent place in the Middle Ages, and thus has a wealth of history largely unparalleled in Sweden. Founded around the year 1000, it was a major religious center under Danish rule, leading to the construction of the massive Lund Cathedral. The university was founded in 1666 during a period of tremendous upheaval in the region, as Denmark and Sweden fought several bloody wars that led to Sweden gaining control of the entire Skåne region (the southern tip of current Sweden). With the shift of religious and military importance elsewhere in Sweden, the university became the focal point of the city during the following years, expanding from the historic center to world-class facilities around the city. Today, Lund contains all the amenities of a modern city, but boasts also a wealth of cultural attractions and an extremely green and bike-friendly landscape in keeping with the strong Swedish environmental spirit.