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No, I don’t want to hype this that much. This is a study abroad blog, and as I’ve never felt the need to expound excessively on my experiences, that means every so often I’ll dump some pictures a brief synopsis of my travels, and maybe an interesting story or two. In forty hours or so, I’ll be stepping of the airplane at Ataturk Airport in Istanbul, which is stunningly exciting, though I can’t shake the knowledge of the hundreds of things that could go wrong between now and then in my first ever solo international trip. After a few weeks of touring Istanbul and Ankara, I will settle in to my home for the next four months in Alanya, on the Mediterranean coastline of southern Turkey. It should be amazing and complicated, enlightening and stressful, but above all it will be different from anything I’ve done before, and I can’t imagine I’ll return to Appleton and to Georgetown without being changed somewhat. But for now, I’m just looking forward to soaking in the atmosphere of a country I’ve wanted to visit for half a dozen years, meeting my classmates and professors, and getting an understanding of how to get around in Turkey. Check back later, and I’ll hopefully have improved this blog’s quality a little bit as I learn how to use WordPress, but for now I have too many things to get to before I head out to spend time on that at the moment.